Vulkaneifel Nature Park

On May 31, 2010, the Vulkaneifel Nature Park was officially inaugurated, making it one of the youngest nature parks in Germany. The nature park has a unique natural quality in the combination of maars, volcanoes and varied cultural landscapes.

These are excellent conditions for sustainable development in combination with nature-friendly land use with regional value creation, nature-based tourism and economic development.

The purpose of protection for the entire “Vulkaneifel Nature Park” is,

  1. to protect, maintain and develop the Vulkaneifel with its volcanic evidence, maars, moors, streams, meadows, pastures, valleys, mountains, forests and dry grasslands as a large-scale, uniform area that is important for nature and the landscape and to improve the performance of the To preserve or restore the natural balance,
  2. to promote and develop its special suitability as a natural space for sustainable recreation and environmentally friendly tourism, including sport,
  3. to preserve and develop the characteristic diversity, uniqueness and beauty of the landscape, which is characterized by diverse uses, and its species and biotope diversity, and to achieve this, to strive for long-term, environmentally friendly land use,
  4. on the basis of its natural, cultural and economic quality through the interaction of all those affected and interested, including the commercial economy, including the mining operations, to increase sustainable regional added value,
  5. to preserve, maintain and develop the cultural and recreational landscape, including agriculture and forestry, and
    to promote sustainable regional development overall.

Additional protection purpose for the core zones Salmwald, Liesertal (north and south) and Uessbachtal is to enable natural relaxation in the silence.

You can find the complete legal regulation as a non accessible PDF here.


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