wandern in der Vulkaneifel

Geo-Museums on the traces of
earth's history

Collection and information locations

Emergence, change, decay - the GEO museums in the Vulkaneifel are collection and information centers for this exciting debate. They are the key to understanding this fascinating landscape and its history.

Each museum has its own thematic focus and is dedicated to the corresponding facets of geoscientific, but also natural history, historical, cultural and technical features of the Vulkaneifel. Understanding through experiencing is the basic didactic concept. Seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing – even complex connections become “understandable” with all the senses, in the truest sense of the word. The target group is broad and even those with a scientific background will find something new to learn. Children and young people are introduced to the topics in a playful way, with a “fun factor”, so to speak.

Kinder am Vulkanmodell im Eifel-Vukanmuseum Daun

Eifel Vulcano Museum Daun

The West Eifel volcanism has its center and highest expression in the Daun area. The museum shows three-dimensional landscape models of cinder cones, maars, mineral springs, information boards and exhibits on West Eifel volcanism.

Fossilien im Naturkundemuseum Gerolstein

Natural History Museum Gerolstein

In the middle of the old town center of Gerolstein, below the Löwenburg, is the largest and oldest geomuseum in the Eifel, the Natural History Museum Gerolstein. The museum shows stone witnesses from the region's geological past on three floors.

Kinder in der geologisch-mineralogischen Sammlung Hillesheim

Geol.-Mineralog. Collection Hillesheim

Fossils and minerals from the Devonian, Triassic, Tertiary and Quaternary of the Eifel, volcanic rocks and mineralsExhibition of fossils, rocks and minerals from the region and around the world. In the same building is the documentation on the history of the example town of Hillesheim.

Home Weaving Museum

The Home Weaving Museum is a special museum in the textile sector that shows old crafts such as spinning and weaving with the equipment that was common in the Eifel.

Nostalgikum Uersfeld

Memories of the good old days of the 40s and 50s. It's as if time has simply stood still. Here the past comes back to life.

School Museum Immerath

The historical furnishings come from various schools in the Eifel region and provide a lively insight into school conditions over the past 200 years.

Laufeld Doll and Toy Museum

The collection includes dolls made of wax, wood, bisque porcelain and celluloid, from 1840 to the 1950s.

Mousetrap Museum

In the extraordinary mousetrap museum in the tranquil Eifeld village of Neroth, the elaborate home work, manufacture and distribution system of wire goods production in the 19th century are documented.

Gerolstein Telephone Museum

Since his apprenticeship as a telecommunications craftsman in 1951, the museum operator Heribert Schirmer has collected over 1,100 exhibits

Museum Zum Alten Eisen

You can admire old household items, including many irons and unusual iron stoves from bygone eras. These remnants offer an authentic insight into everyday life and the lives of our ancestors.

Wittlicher HisTörchen

In the tower, the living situation of the medieval tower keeper is simulated on a few square meters.

Museum Villa Sarabodis

The small, charming museum “Villa Sarabodis”, located in the shadow of the Church of the Redeemer, shows and explains artifacts from the Roman-Celtic wedding in the Kylltal and revives the splendor and power of the Roman era.

Kultur- & Tagungsstätte Synagoge

1910 errichtete die jüdische Kultusgemeinde Wittlich die Synagoge nach Plänen des Kreisbaumeisters Johannes Vienken.

Kleines Museum Bolsdorf

Im "Kleinen Museum" sollen Alltagsgegenstände aus fast vergessenen Zeiten ihren Platz finden.


Die fünf Jahrhunderte lang den Ort prägende Hüttenindustrie hat nicht nur den Ort Eisenschmitt sondern auch den Ortsteilen Kronenhütte und Eichelhütte den Namen gegeben.

Railway Museum Jünkerath

Jünkerath was once a large railway junction, in the middle of the Eifel.

Old Town Hall Wittlich

The Renaissance building from 1652 houses the cultural office, the Wittlich Stadt tourist information office & Country and the Municipal Gallery.

Old Post Office Thurn & Taxis

The CASA Tony M museum has been located in the historic Thurn & post office since 2016. Taxis from 1753. The works of the artist Tony Munzlinger from Wittlich are exhibited on 400 square meters in the lovingly restored baroque rooms

Steinkiste am Markt

Die private Sammlung von Gesteinen, Mineralien und Fossilien umfasst rund 1.500 Exponate. Stücke aus aller Welt, aus allen Erdzeitaltern, in allen Farben, Formen und Strukturen.

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