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Hetsche Maar The Smallest Maar in the Eifel Region

Together with Holzmaar and Dürres Maar, Hetsche Maar is part of the Holzmaar group and is the oldest volcanic vent in this network. Hetsche Maar is also the smallest of all maars in the Eifel region.

It is believed that the maar was formed by one or two eruptions. Volcanic ejecta from Dürres Maar can be found in the crater. Today, it has become a swampy sedge fen. 

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  • Coordinates: 50°07´98´´N /06°52´16´´ E
  • Altitude: 459 m above sea level
  • Age of the Holzmaar group: approximately 40,000 – 70,000 years
  • Crater diameter: 57 m N-E, 28 m NW-SE
  • Crater depth: approximately 5 m

  • Blick auf Infotafel und Hetsche Maar © Natur- und Geopark Vulkaneifel GmbH, Kappest
  • Infos zum Hetsche Maar © Natur- und Geopark Vulkaneifel GmbH, Kappest


The basement here consists of Lower Devonian clays, siltstones, and sandstones of the Eckfeld layers, which are partially covered by the maar tuffs.


Hetsche Maar is located approximately 100 meters northwest of Dürres Maar and north of the Sammetbach in a small, dry side valley. Its immediate surroundings are relatively flat. It can still be recognized as an almost round depression covered with sedges and grasses between the fields. Due to its small size, the filling and subsequent drying out of Hetsche Maar occurred relatively quickly. Hetsche is, by the way, the Gillenfeld dialect expression for a toad - a reference to one of the residents of the maar.


Hetsche Maar is located about 200 meters northwest of Dürres Maar. It is deeply embedded in the surrounding fields but can be seen from County Road 18 (Brockscheid-Gillenfeld).

Highlights Nearby


Hiking Trails
around Hetsche Maar

Hiking around Hetsche Maar also takes you near Dürres Maar and Holzmaar. The signposted Määrchen-Naturwaldpfad (Fairy Tale Nature Trail) connects the three maars. Hikers have a choice of different paths and routes.

  • Immerather Maar

    Andere Vulkaneifelpfade Maare-Pfad

    Von Schalkenmehren bis Lutzerath

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: schwer
    • Strecke: 34,7 km -
    • Dauer:  12 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 657 hm -
    • Abstieg: 672 hm


  • Lavaweg Strohn

    HeimatSpuren Lavaweg Strohn

    Diese Wanderung ermöglicht es sich mit dem Vulkanismus zu beschäftigen. Vorbei geht es am Trautzberger Maar und der Strohner Schweiz

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel
    • Strecke: 20,5 km -
    • Dauer: 5,5 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 293 hm -
    • Abstieg: 293 hm


Directions & Parking

Hetsche Maar is located between Gillenfeld and Eckfeld to the west of County Road 17. There is a hiking parking lot on County Road 17. 



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