Lavabombe Strohn

Lavabombe Strohn 54558 Strohn

The Strohner lava bomb, a 120-ton basalt ball, is a geological peculiarity. With its diameter of almost five meters, it is an impressive, unique evidence of earlier volcanic activity in the Eifel.

The lava bomb, which stands on the edge of the road on the outskirts of Strohn as a massive monolith more than twice as high as a human being, has a very dramatic origin story. At first it was just a small glowing piece of lava that was thrown up during the volcanic eruption. He landed in the crater rim, slipped and accumulated more layers of lava until he was catapulted up again. This was repeated several times until it cooled and solidified into a huge monolith.

A giant on the side of the road

Thousands of years later, in 1969, it came off the wall at a height of 15 meters during blasting work in the Wartgesberg lava quarry. The Strohner villagers used the winter with ice and snow to drag the giant to its current location. Flanked by an explanatory information board and smaller lava finds, the lava bomb is located on the hiking trail that leads along the Alfbach into the so-called Strohner Switzerland.

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