Eifel-Blick Steinbüchel

Eifel View Steinbüchel 54586 Schüller

From the Eifel view on the Steinbüchel you have an impressive distant view to the northeast over the Kylltal and the Hillesheimer Kalkmulde all the way into the Ahreifel and the Vulkaneifel.

This view of the Eifel is 597 meters above sea level. With its particularly nutrient-poor and shallow soils, the Steinbüchel is a location for rare plant communities. Species of orchids are found here, as are arnica meadows and bristly grass lawns. Through several nature conservation measures, these special locations have been sustainably freed from coniferous growth. Information about these measures can be found on an information board at the nearby elevated drinking water tank.

Interesting to know

The Eifel, a former Alpine mountain range, was “collapsed” over millions of years by natural erosion processes. All of the prominent mountains and elevations visible today are the remains of volcanic cones that were formed during two volcanically active periods. The most recent of these phases has not yet been completed today.

Your directions

You can park at the youth and village community center. From there go onto Stadtkyller Straße in the direction of Stadtkyll. At the next opportunity out of town, keep left. Here you take the third opportunity to turn left again towards the Steinbüchel nature reserve. After a few hundred meters you reach the Eifelblick Steinbüchel. Here you go straight ahead for a few hundred meters before turning left again. You continue to follow the path and pass four junctions that you do not use. After the four forks, the path comes to an intersection where you turn right onto the path from which you came before. You can now return to the parking lot along Stadtkyller Straße.


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