Infotafel am Steffelberg

Eifel View Steffelberg 54597 Steffeln

From the Eifel view of the Steffelberg you have an impressive distant view to the northeast over the Kylltal and the Hillesheimer Kalkmulde far into the Ahreifel and the Vulkaneifel.

Let your gaze wander into the distance and enjoy the moment and the view. The panoramic boards on site explain which mountains, lakes, castles and villages are in your view.

Feel like God in the Vulkaneifel

The Steffelberg volcano was formed more than 100,000 years ago. There is a Vulkaneifel Leisure Square in the immediate vicinity of the Eifel view. Everything revolves around him here: Vulcanus, the god of fire and blacksmithing. His Majesty gives us insight into his kingdom and his treasuries. You may realize how he might have felt when you sit on his throne placed there for you. In any case, this place is perfect for a time of leisure and relaxation.


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