Gelenberger Quelle mit Kinder

Gelenberger SourceVolcanism is alive

The Gelenberger Source is a so-called Mofette, a place with cold gas emissions. Here in the Gelenberg Forest, volcanic carbon dioxide rises in a depression filled with rainwater and causes the water surface to constantly effervesce. An unmistakable sign: volcanism is still active here.


  • Coordinates: 50°17.614’N, 6°52.724’E
  • Municipality/location: Gelenberg
  • Altitude: 538 m above sea level

  • Gelenberger Quelle mit Kindern

For a long time it was believed that the release of carbon dioxide was a sign of extinct volcanism. But on the contrary, the molten rock inside the earth (magma) contains, in addition to mineral components, gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, sulfur dioxide, fluorine and chlorine. Depending on temperature and pressure, they escape through cracks in the earth's crust. In terms of quantity, carbon dioxide and water vapor are the most important components of the so-called volcanic “breath”. The Gelenberger Source proves that volcanism is currently only taking a break. He's alive.

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Hiking trails

A walk in the forest, a stroll through meadows or a hike through valleys and over heights - choose what you would like.

  • Moosbewachsener Baum

    Themenrundwege Geschichtsstraße Kelberg Was wirklich wahr war

    Rundweg nördlich von Gelenberg, vorbei an der Gelenberger Mofette

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel
    • Strecke: 9,5 km -
    • Dauer: 2,5 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 98 hm -
    • Abstieg: 101 hm


Guided tours


B410, at Boxberg to Gelenberg turn onto the L72 or in Kelberg turn onto the L70 to Gelenberg, there is a parking lot on the L72 near Gelenberg, follow the dirt road towards the forest, the source is on the left in the forest, the path to Source is marked by an information board.


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