Maar Enten

Wild birds are now particularly endangered by intensive agriculture and forestry. The European Birds Directive provides these animals with sufficiently large habitats.

The "Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds", as the Birds Directive is officially called, aims to maintain or restore sufficient diversity and a sufficient area of habitat for all wild European bird species. In addition to regulations for the individual protection of all bird species, which are implemented in the species protection provisions of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, it obliges the establishment of “Special Protection Areas” (SPA), i.e. the areas that we call bird protection areas here.

  • Flußregenpfeifer
  • Wasserralle

Diverse birdlife in the Eifel

Basically, the entire Vulkaneifel is suitable as a bird sanctuary because the biodiversity is impressive. In some places there are even extremely rare animals. For example, in the area around the Sangweiher near Elmen you can see red kites, gray herons or cormorants.

Bird sanctuaries in the Eifel

  • Volcanic Eifel
  • Ahr Mountains
  • Jungferweiher
  • Forests between Wittlich and Cochem


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