FFH-Areas Landscape worth protecting

Moor At Weißenseifen

Mighty peat moss communities and swampy moors have conquered the landscape in this protected area on the outer edge of the Vulkaneifel Nature and UNESCO Geopark.

Birresborner Ice Caves And Kalem Volcano

As man-made chambers in the volcanic rock of the Fischbach volcano, the Birresborn ice caves have an eventful history.

Forests Around Bongard In The Eifel

North and east of the small town of Bongard in the Eifel are the two areas that make up this FFH area of the same name.

Gerolsteiner Kalkeifel

The Gerolsteiner Kalkeifel FFH area, located between the Eifel towns of Gerolstein in the north and Mürlenbach in the south, comprises a mosaic of a wide variety of habitats.

Kyllberg And Steinborner Forest

The Kyll divides the FFH area of Kyllberg and Steinborner Forrest into two halves, only the northern tip of the eastern part is in the Vulkaneifel Nature and Geopark.

Kondelwald And Side Valleys Of The Mosel

The natural Uessbach and its tributaries have dug deep valleys into the rock in this area with only narrow floodplains and banks.

Lieser Between Manderscheid And Wittlich

Away from car or train traffic, this valley section of the Liesertal presents itself as a deeply cut, narrow and undisturbed notched valley with numerous valley meanders.

Eifel Maars In The Southern Vulkaneifel

The youngest volcanic form in the southern volcanic Eifel is the famous evidence of earth's history, the Eifelmaars. They are unique, landscape-defining elements in the middle of a hilly low mountain landscape.

Upper Kyll And Kalkmulden

On the Rhineland-Palatinate side of the Kalkeifel, the Dollendorfer and Hillesheimer Kalkmulde adjoin the large nature reserves Lampertstal and Alendorfer Kalktriften in North Rhine-Westphalia to the south.

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