Vulkanerlebnispark Mosenberg

Volcano Adventure Park Mosenberg54533 Bettenfeld

THE destination for those interested in geology. You see a large cross section through the volcanic cone. This is so unique that the Mosenberg volcanic group, together with the Meerfelder Maar, was included in the list of the 80 best geotopes in Germany in 2006.

For geologists, the Volcano adventure park Mosenberg is truly an experience. The mining at Mosenberg exposed production chimneys, lava layers of different grain sizes and slag - making the large cross-section through the volcanic cone visible. Geological outcrops are windows into the history of the earth; they tell us exciting stories about the formation and development of rocks.

Unique volcanic system

Even from a distance, the densely forested Mosenberg massif looks like a world of its own towering over the landscape. It is part of a three kilometer long volcanic ensemble between Bettenfeld, Meerfeld and Manderscheid, which, with maars, bizarre basalt column walls and gorges, is one of the eighty best geotopes in Germany.

The Mosenberg near Bettenfeld is not a single volcano, but a whole group of five cinder cones. In one of them lies the Windsborn, the only real crater lake north of the Alps. The small lake is only up to 1.50 meters deep and gradually silts up. Rare plants, insects and water birds have settled in the shore zones of the still waters - a strictly protected biotope. It is surrounded by a protective ring wall made of welding slag, up to thirty meters high and decorated with a summit cross. These are joined by the Hinkelsmaar and the Meerfelder Maar, forming the unique Mosenberg volcanic system.

Highlights nearby

Only on foot

You can only reach the Mosenberg Volcano Adventure Park on foot, please park at the Hinkelsmaar/Kratersee car park. From there you can reach the volcano adventure park in 20 minutes. The only exception: Disabled vehicles with appropriate authorization can drive to the park. Two small parking spaces are available.


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