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Niederstadtfelder DreesRich in iron and carbon dioxide

Two liters of the refreshingly cool mineral water bubble to the surface of the earth in one minute in Niederstadtfelder Drees. In addition to a high CO2 content, the source also has high sodium and chlorine values.


  • Coordinates: 50°09.412’N, 6°45.732’E
  • Municipality/location: Niederstadtfeld
  • Altitude: 384 m above sea level
  • Water type: sodium-alkaline-earth-bicarbonate-sourling
  • Water temp.: 10.4 °C

    • Niederstadtfelder Drees © Natur- und Geopark Vulkaneifel GmbH, Kappest
    • Niederstadtfelder Drees © Natur- und Geopark Vulkaneifel GmbH, Kappest

The mineral water, which is very rich in iron and relatively low in carbon dioxide, is very popular as a tasty and refreshing drink among people in Niederstadtfeld and the surrounding area. But tourists also visit the Drees to taste the water from the spring. There you will find a board on which the following words can be read:

“Everyone who honors our Drees taps here without any money.” In addition, the seating at the brick fountain offers people the opportunity to exchange ideas with others. A lot of news have already been spread from Niederstadtfelder Drees.

Hiking trails

There are numerous hiking trails around Niederstadtfeld and the Drees of the same name where you can get to know the region's landscape.

  • Wallender Born

    Andere Vulkaneifelpfade Hinterbüsch-Pfad

    Von Üdersdorf nach Meerfeld

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: schwer
    • Strecke: 34,1 km -
    • Dauer:  11 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 862 hm -
    • Abstieg: 700 hm


  • Ginster

    HeimatSpuren 1000-jähriger Weg

    Rundweg um Oberstadtfeld und Niederstadtfeld

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel
    • Strecke: 14,8 km -
    • Dauer: 4,15 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 279 hm -
    • Abstieg: 279 hm


Guided tours


B257 towards Oberstadtfeld, in Oberstadtfeld turn onto the L 27 to Niederstadtfeld, the Drees is located shortly after the Niederstadtfeld exit on the L 27.


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