der Hotzendrees

Hotzendrees Prominent Drees in Daun

To the left of the Lieser and at the foot of the Dauner Burgberg lies the Hotzendrees, also known as the castle fountain. It is a stop on the Dauner-Drees hiking trail and is probably the best-known and most popular Drees in the city of Daun. The carbonated water is healthy, tasty and is not only drunk but also used in the kitchen.


  • Coordinates: 50°11.943’N, 6°49.921’E
  • Municipality/location: Daun
  • Altitude: 388 m above sea level
  • Water type: calcium-magnesium-sodium bicarbonate
  • Water temp.: 9.6 °C

  • der Hotzendrees © Natur- und Geopark Vulkaneifel GmbH, Kappest
  • der Hotzendrees © Natur- und Geopark Vulkaneifel GmbH, Kappest

The Hotzendrees is very busy - you often meet hikers and locals here filling their bottles with the cool water. People have been using the tasty sparkling water for drinking and baking for centuries. Buckwheat dishes in particular, which used to be a staple in every household, are particularly light with the addition of this carbonated water and the otherwise bitter taste is alleviated.

Shaked, not stirred

The Hotzendrees was mentioned under this name over 400 years ago by the Heidelberg doctor and botanist Jakob Theodor Tabernämontanus in his herbal book published in 1588. There he describes its healing effects on many diseases. The word “Hotzen”, which comes from the Moselle-Franconian dialect, means something like: to shake, to shake, to jump up and down. This applies to this contained mineral spring, which actually flows intermittently into the open air.

Highlights nearby


Hiking trails

You won't just meet many hikers on the designated Dauner-Drees hiking trail. There are also many beautiful routes away from this route.

  • Kurpark Daun

    HeimatSpuren Kleiner Dauner

    Kleiner Rundweg um Daun, durch die Stadt und ins Grüne bis nach Daun-Gemünden

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: leicht
    • Strecke: 8,5 km -
    • Dauer:  2,5 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 184 hm -
    • Abstieg: 184 hm


  • Josendrees

    HeimatSpuren Dreeswanderweg

    Rundwanderweg rund um Daun, vorbei an vier Dreesen. Probieren Sie die blubbernde Vielfalt der Vulkaneifel

    • Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel
    • Strecke: 10,5 km -
    • Dauer: 3 Std.
    • Aufstieg: 178 hm -
    • Abstieg: 179 hm


Guided tours


A1 exit Daun and take the B257 to Daun, at the roundabout take the 1st exit towards Daun Zentrum, parking spaces are at the train station and in the layby on the B257 on the left side, from the train station take the footpath over the bridge to Follow Drees.


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