Frau am Darscheider Drees

Dreese Our Bubbling Springs

The word Drees comes from the Celtic “Dreyse”, which means “bubbling spring”. It is related to the old Germanic word “Thrais” for bubbling or swirling. In the Volcanic Eifel the word has been preserved in dialect and refers to local mineral water and carbonic acid springs. Almost every place here has its Drees, which it borrows its name from. These include well-known ones such as Dauner, Gerolsteiner and Dreiser.

Many Eifel communities owe their founding to a Drees and his precious water. The Romans already praised the water quality of the Volcanic Eifel springs and even built pipes with the Eifel water to Cologne. The mineral waters from the Vulkaneifel are extremely rich in minerals that are valuable to humans. They owe this to the volcanic subsoil that they pass through on their long journey.

The breath of the volcanoes

The carbon dioxide, which, when combined with water, produces carbonic acid, is responsible for mineral enrichment. It comes from the interior of the earth and can safely be called the breath of volcanoes. Some people may not believe it, but the differences between individual mineral waters are greater than, for example, between individual types of beer. The reason is the minerals that provide flavor. No two Drees are the same.


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