The “Blooming Vulkaneifel” project is based on the ecological green space concept of the Vulkaneifel district, which wants to set a model for public administrations and convert its own public green spaces into ecologically valuable areas.

In cooperation with the Vulkaneifel Nature and Geopark, the project will be expanded in the next step and in particular expanded to include the aspect of environmental education.

With the “Blooming Vulkaneifel” project we want to draw attention to the ecological potential of (public) green spaces in residential areas and their importance as a habitat, especially for insects. Public green spaces in particular are often so-called “eh-da” areas. This means that they have no special meaning in terms of any use for humans. However, such areas are often intensively maintained despite their lack of use. Such areas can be developed into ecologically high-quality areas with little effort and can be true havens of local biodiversity.

In addition to its ecological significance, such an “urban wilderness” contributes to climate protection. They improve the urban microclimate and have a positive influence on the water balance.

Discover here how you can contribute to increasing biodiversity in residential areas. Even small measures for you can mean the world for small creatures.

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