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Ihre Heimat auf Zeit – Entdeckung der Eifel aus der Bodenperspektive

How well do you know the Eifel? You even haven’t asked how the small, mostly circular like blue eyes-seeing lakes, or the strongly meandering bands of the small rivers, that sometimes circle around castle ruins – how will they look from close?

The tours are not only directed to the friendly air-force pilots, who probably know the Eifel only by a bird‘s-eye perspective, the staff and their relatives; of course also welcome are all visitors, who don’t call German their mother tongue but can communicate in English. By my own experience, such cultural exchanges will be an asset to everyone, especially in such a historical rich cultural and natural landscape. In the geologicaly most interesting region of Germany you get presented from the Rhenish Slate Mountains up to the most recent volcanoes, from the vegetation of the lichen to the natural forests, from the historical land use patterns to medieval castles. Here a focus will be placed on the different influences of neighbouring cultures at this historic passage area; parts of it are also our guests. Final highlight could be the offer of a barbecue
at a grill hut with approximation to the German cuisine, where the recent impressions from different perspectives (also from pilots) can be recapitulated – Cheers!


• 7-hour hike (13 km) plus ample breaks – presentation of the cultural and natural
• Guided tour of a local, certified geographer as well as a ’like native US-English spea
king’ tourist guide
• After consultation restaurant reservations for lunch in Heidsmühle and a barbecue hut
for the evening finale can be organised (food + drinks are not included in the price).


• The history of Manderscheid Castles, view from donjon
• The castle pond, a perforated meander in Rhenish Slate Mountains
• sloping lava trench in horn gorge with canyon-forest-vegetation
• Volcano Theme Park including panorama view from Mosenberg to the tertiary and
quaternary volcanoes
• Windsborn crater with bog-lake

Dates: all year, by arrangement, recommended are the spring and autumn months

Cost: Adults € 15,-, children € 7,50, a group of max. 25 persons for 250,- €
Number of participants: minimum 8

Information and registration:
Michael Breuer · 54516 Wittlich
Tel.: 06571 693819 . Email: